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Green Loop Go Karting

Earlier this month Green Loop IT Solutions had a Go Kart night for all its employees. Silas and I came to cheer Stephen on. First, we met Stephen at work and ate supper at one of our favorite places–Smashburger. Silas and Daddy shared a chocolate milkshake. 

Then we had some time to kill, so we went to see the ducks in the park next to Stephen’s work. Silas has been working on his animal sounds, so he knows that ducks say, “Wak, wak.” (His version of “quack”.)

At the Octane Raceway, Bitty Boy and I hung out with the other moms and babies while we watched Daddy gear up and race around the track.  The race was pretty intense. The winner is determined not by who finishes the laps first, but by who has the fastest lap during the race. 

Green Loop is great about planning fun stuff for its peeps.

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