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To Entertain Strangers

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. ~Hebrews 13:2

Wednesday night, supper was on the table, I was tired from a long day with a sick baby, and Stephen called on his way home from work.

“Hey, I have an opportunity for you,” he said.

Our pastor had come across a young family at a nearby Starbucks, whose car had overheated on its long trek from San Diego to Phoenix. The car needed repair, and the weary travelers needed a place to stay the night. They had just driven hours through the desert with no air conditioning!

One thing I’m beginning to learn, since moving to Phoenix, is that all I have is really God’s and should be used for His purposes. I remember what it was like to be homeless and to be so grateful for new friends and total strangers who took us in. I’ve hoped that we could do the same for someone else one day. Knowing that my house is God’s and living like it are two different things though. Wednesday night we were blessed with the chance to entertain strangers. It brightened my week!

The family had one little boy, just a month older than Silas. The boys had a good time playing together and mimicking each other. So cute to watch Silas with his peers! We enjoyed getting to know Ben and Alisha, and hearing of their three week adventure from Kansas to Utah to California and back (almost!). It was great discovering they love Jesus and sharing our stories.

Just this past Sunday, Stephen and I had some friends over, and we watched the missions DVD, Dispatches From the Front. The first dispatch was about missionaries in Albania. The narrator described one man as being “soul-conscious,” looking for ways to connect with others and show them Christ’s love. I began to examine our relationships (or lack thereof) with those around us and to renew my desire to reach out in love to others. God granted that desire in a very unexpected way this week!

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