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Yesterday was the big day! Stephen and I discovered that we are expecting another boy! We are so excited and happy to finally know Baby TicTac’s gender. Although we would have loved to have a girl, we were both hoping for another boy so Silas would have a little brother.

I told my dad yesterday morning that we were going to find out if Baby was pink or blue. Baby is definitely a blue TicTac–no doubt about it! Stephen almost missed the entire ultrasound though. He had planned to work from home, and then go with me to the appointment. But, right before we were supposed to leave, a major computer issue surfaced for one of Stephen’s clients. Those computer issues are so very pesky like that! I went ahead without him, thinking he would still make it in time.

When I was called back to the examination room, there was still no Stephen. The tech was extra friendly and talkative, probably since I was all alone. She showed me things I hadn’t seen during Silas’s ultrasound. She said she could see the colored part of both eyes, so that told her both eyes were present. She explained that since the bladder was dark, that meant it was filled with fluid, indicating Baby’s kidneys were working. The stomach was also dark, showing that Baby can swallow. Baby was quite active and moved his legs a lot. The tech measured everything she could before telling me the gender, in hopes that Stephen would make it. Right after I found out we were having a boy, Stephen came and got to see for himself! We even saw a few 3D pictures of our little guy. He looks like he’s got a pointy chin, but there’s not much meat on his bones at this point.

The technician spent a long time looking at his heart from several different angles. We could see all four chambers of his heart, and everything looked great. We are so thankful for a healthy baby! He’s growing a week ahead of schedule for his due date, so he’s doing just fine.

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