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Nominated for an Award!

Okay, not really, but it makes a good title, right? My cousin Laura nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award, which is basically a shout-out to all the blogs you love. I was #1 on her list. It must be the riveting content I post, or my articulate writing, because it’s definitely not my photography! Actually, I’m sure it’s just that she loves me. She’s a great cousin that way.

So, before I try to come up with a list of 15 blogs I like and 7 random things about myself, hop on over to Farm Girl in MD to see my lovely cousin and her life in the most picturesque farmhouse on the Eastern Shore.

Now for the blogs I’m reading these days:

  1. Resolved2Worship–her thoughts on Christianity resonate with me
  2. Thrifty Decor Chick–fell in love with her style at first sight
  3. Pioneer Woman–who doesn’t love her?
  4. The Girl Who Ate Everything–yum!
  5. Keren Threlfall–friend from college who just welcomed a son into their family
  6. All God’s Children–my cousin, Tore, a missionary intern in Haiti this summer
  7. The Jensen Dimension–the friend of a friend who also just had a baby boy
  8. The Small Things Blog–it’s the little things make a BIG difference
  9. Peanut People–hilariously cute kids of my friend from elementary school
  10. Friday We’re In Love–my new discovery: a date idea blog right here in Phoenix!
  11. Taylor’s Produce Recipe Blog–recipes for my uncle’s amazing produce
  12. (in)courage–encouragement for us girls
  13. Young House Love–incredible diy decorating
  14. The Macs–can’t remember how I found this sweet blog
  15. Joie de vivre–friend and former co-worker from Indiana (love that place!)

7 random things about me:

  1. Dark chocolate–not milk chocolate!
  2. My secret ambition is to adopt a child one day
  3. I love watching Cake Boss
  4. I used to go by the name “Betsy” as a little girl
  5. I’m trying to become a reader again (currently on book #11 for this year–hey, it’s a start!)
  6. This pregnancy, I’m constantly thinking about food
  7. I’m horrible at whistling

Thanks for the nomination, Laura. This post is for you! Love you, cousin.

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