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Daddy Love

There’s no doubt–Silas loves his daddy. “Da-da” was one of Silas’s first words. He’s also an expert at pointing to Stephen when we ask, “Where’s Daddy?” (He still has trouble finding Mommy.) One of the most exciting moments of Silas’s day is when Daddy comes home from work.

I like to tease Stephen that he has the magic touch with Silas since he can get Silas to do things on the first try that I can’t. I’m sure some of it is the novelty of having Daddy ask him to do things as Bitty Boy is with Mommy 24/7. But I’m also convinced there’s a special father-son bond between them.

To make Father’s Day special, we made a card together. Silas helped me glue the letters on and put the stickers on the front of the card. Then he, very artistically, colored the inside. I hung a banner and we gave Stephen his favorite soda in retro packaging. I can’t take credit for the tie or gift idea. I found the idea and free printables from this blog, but since our printer is only black and white, I decided to make my own neckties.

Stephen loved his card and present from his little man. For lunch we grilled some marinated rib-eye that was to die for! Happy Father’s Day, Stephen!

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