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Summer with Silas

“Happy June, Earthlings!” from your friendly space astronaut. Mommy’s kitchen stuff is cool to play with. Since almost all of the cabinets are locked, I’ve taken to finding any drawer that will open, throwing my arm up inside and pulling out whatever I can reach. There’s nothing quite as fun as a pasta server!

I used to call for Mommy and Daddy every morning at 5:30. Since the sun was up, so was I. But Mommy hung a black blanket over my window so now I sleep until after 7. Not sure why my previous schedule was a problem.

I’ve discovered frozen berries. Each night before I head for bed, I snack on blueberries, raspberries or blackberries. So yummy! In between snacks and meals, I like to chew on dirt, sand, crayons, and markers–non-toxic, of course. I always read the nutrition labels before chomping.

This week Mommy took me to a play date at the library. It was fun to play with lots of new toys and new friends. Then, yesterday Mommy and I went to the city Splash Pad with some other kids from a MOMS club. At first I just checked out the play ground equipment, but once my feet got wet in the sprinklers, I started to think the water was fun. I played for a long time with my new friend’s buckets!

I’ve been working on writing a song. Would you like to hear it? Yes? Okay, it goes something like this. “Dugg-a-dee, dugg-a-dee, dugg-a-dugg-a-dugg-a-dee.” What do you think? Not bad for a beginner, eh?

My new favorite word is “yeah.” Now I can answer Mommy and Daddy’s questions–even though I don’t always understand what they’re saying. I also love to say “uh-oh” when I see a picture of someone crying or a picture of something spilling in my books. When I want Daddy to go somewhere, I tuck my little hand in his and pull him to where we need to go. When I go shopping with Mommy, I like to wave at random strangers. Sometimes after dinner, we play at a nearby park. I love it when Daddy chases me!

Dental hygiene is a high priority for me. Each morning (and throughout the day) I beg to brush my teeth. My fruity toothpaste is yummy, and I get to brush on my own for a little bit before Mommy helps me.

Hope you guys have a fun summer! (and don’t forget to brush)

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