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Spring Turns to Summer

The days are getting warmer, but this past weekend was fabulous! The high temps for Saturday and Sunday were only in the 80s.

Our four day weekend began with my first trimester screening on Friday. Stephen came with me to see Baby TicTac. Since he hasn’t been seeing all the mini ultrasounds along the way, this one made Baby seem real to him in a way it hadn’t before.

The screening was to measure for the risk of Baby having a chromosomal disorder such as Down syndrome or Trisomy 18. They also drew blood, so I won’t have the final results for a few more days, but everything measured normally on the ultrasound. TicTac was moving quite a bit which was endearing. Of course, it’s too early to tell the gender, so we’ll have to wait for that exciting news.

Silas got to visit the animals at the zoo on Memorial Day. He loved waving at the animals and saying, “hi” but had no interest in touching any of the animals at the petting zoo. My personal favorites were the giraffes and the mandrill. Those blue cheekbones are just impressive!As these warm days turn hot, we’re finding ourselves inside more and more. I’m finished babysitting for the summer, so perhaps we can join a playgroup or club. Silas is loving hide-and-seek.  No matter how many times he hides in the small space between the wall and the bookcase, he always cracks up when we “find” him or when he pops out as if to say, “Here I am!”

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