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Books–Your Window to the World

The above saying was posted on the wall of my 3rd grade classroom. I remember working at my desk, looking up at the poster, reading the words to myself, “Books–Your Window to the World,” and wondering what it meant. Its meaning just didn’t click in my little 3rd grade mind.

I decided this New Year that I wanted to become a reader. I usually don’t make resolutions, however this year I made a goal to read one book each month. I’ve managed to read 3 books already! Of course, it’s way too soon to say that I’ve met my goal, but at least I’m starting strong.

I’ve discovered that the key to my becoming a reader is all in finding the right book. Thus far, I’ve read a parenting book, financial book, and a historical fiction novel. What’s next? Well, we’ll see which one of my library hold requests comes through first.

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