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These Still January Days

Thankfulness grows in my heart during these quiet, sunny January days. We take Silas to the park, following him around as he discovers sticks and rocks, weeds and dirt. Watching him, I see his face light up with the wonder of ordinary things. I thank God for this life. It is a gift. One I’m incredibly thankful for. Thankful for:

  • God’s love for me. Unearned. I am accepted.
  • My hard-working man. Lovingly providing. Happily returning home.
  • Baby arms around my neck. Reaching up for me. Squeezing.
  • Freedom to live Biblically. Refusing to be a slave to fear or guilt.
  • Time. To learn. To relish life. To manage my house. To treasure family. To love others. To grow. To change.
  • Friends. Close and distant. Friends who turn my face towards Christ.
  • A home. A nest for family. A place of ministry.

I remember that all this has been given to me. I cannot act as though it were not a gift.

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