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From C to Shining C

C is for Climbing: Silas is growing up. Nooooooooooo! Actually he’s so much fun these days that I can’t be sad my baby is growing. His accomplishment this week was learning how to scale our leather ottoman all by his wittle self. After much tiptoe pushing, he wriggled himself on top of the ottoman–his favorite place to sit these days. Of course, it helps when he gets a running start and flings himself into the ottoman. He’s also learning to turn around and lay on his belly to gently let himself back down onto the carpet. The elliptical is another favorite climbing spot, and one day I caught him standing in a drawer in the bathroom trying to climb onto the counter!C is for Copycat: The number one lesson Silas has learned at church is that you are supposed to wave your hands when music plays. He’s such a copycat. We were at a Christmas party last week, and we were asked to raise our hands if we brought a gift. After taking a look around the room, Bitty Boy put both his hands in the air. He didn’t want to be left out! He constantly plays the Nodding Game and will imitate Peek-a-Boo, raising his hands, clapping. He even started signing “please” this week. I’ve worked on it with him just a few times, so I was shocked when he signed it for me one day.

C is for Cleaning House: Shoes are endlessly fascinating. The best part is that they have shoelaces which make them fun to drag around the house. Shoes are also great for putting inside of things. Apparently they don’t belong on the rack in the closet, but in either our laundry hamper or our tub.

C is for Classical Music: Yep, we’ve got one cultured little guy on our hands. Classical music is his favorite. Silas hates riding in the car at night. We’re not sure if it’s the dark or what, but we often ride with the dome light on and classical music playing to keep Baby calm. The other night we were out for some Christmas shopping, and Silas was complaining from his car seat. We turned the radio on to the classical station and literally–in one second–he went from crying to happily talking to himself. It was unbelievable!

C is for Car seat: And speaking of riding in the car, Silas is now outfitted with a brand new car seat. He is about 22 pounds which means that his infant seat is just barely big enough for him. We’ve been putting off this car seat purchase for about a month but finally bought one this week and had it installed yesterday. Silas Clark is loving being able to see over the back seat and watch the cars behind us. It’s rear facing for now, but it will convert to forward facing and then to a booster seat as our little man grows.

C is for Chillaxing: In an effort to keep Silas from standing 2 inches from the TV screen, I’ve been teaching him that “we have to relax when we watch TV.” Stephen and I have actually tried not to watch TV while he’s awake, and we just let him watch his baby DVD or a baby TV show occasionally as a special treat. Pushing the buttons on the TV is sometimes more entertaining for him than anything else. Here are a few pics of Silas “relaxing” in front of the TV (at our house and at a friend’s house).

C is for Clifford: I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Clifford has been life-changing for Bitty Boy. Clifford just lights up his world. Silas is in love and can’t help but smile and give the Big Red Dog a big baby squeeze when he sees him. Aunt Ruth Anna gave Clifford to Silas for his 1st birthday. Ruth Anna was worried that she might become “The Umbrella Aunt.” You know, the aunt who always gives practical gifts like umbrellas or socks that kids aren’t particularly excited about? I think it’s safe to say that Ruth Anna dodged that bullet when she picked out Clifford!

C is for Cuspid: I found another tooth making its entrance the other day–his first cuspid (between his front teeth and his molars). That makes a grand total of 13 teeth. Eating is more fun now that he can actually chew. Silas tried an Oreo the other day, and it looks like it got a good review.

C is for Chick: Hooded towels are some of the most adorable baby items. My little chickie is so kissable after a bath!

C is for Christmas: So many people have been good to Baby already this Christmas. Most of the presents under the tree are for Silas. He’s also been given several early Christmas presents–like this hand made wooden bench crafted by our friend Ruben. (If truth be told, I think Silas has Ruben wrapped around his little finger.) Every Sunday during the song service, Silas hangs out with Ruben and his family. Bitty Boy has so much fun with them that he doesn’t want to come back to mommy.

The other night Stephen commented, “Honey, I’m really going to miss this Oblivious Peanut stage.” I couldn’t agree more.

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