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Valley of the Sun meets Land of the Midnight Sun

My sister lives in Alaska. I just like saying that. She lives in Ketchikan to be exact. Did you know Ketchikan is on an island? I didn’t, until last month.

Surprisingly, I’ve seen more Alaskan license plates here in Phoenix than I’ve ever seen before. (And when you travel all over the US every summer playing the license plate game, you get to be pretty good at spotting rare license plates.) I’m not surprised that Alaskans would come to Phoenix to escape their winter, but I am surprised that they would drive their vehicles all that way.

Charis is having her Alaskan Adventure, and we get to hear crazy “only in Alaska” news–like a bear cub walking on the produce at the grocery store! She’s taking advantage of her time in the Arctic by enjoying kayaking, salmon fishing, hiking, and such.

While on her way home for Christmas break (she teaches some adorable kindergarten and first grade students), Charis had a layover in Phoenix–of all places! She came for just under a day, and we had a merry little Christmas together. Silas is now the proud owner of a stuffed moose, who was quickly dubbed “Morris” by Stephen. Silas is really into stuffed animals these days and loves giving them squeezes.

We had a happy visit and can’t wait to hear more “News from the North” after she heads back to The Last Frontier.

2 thoughts on “Valley of the Sun meets Land of the Midnight Sun

  1. That’s great that Silas is a owner of a stuffed moose. I didn’t know that K. I can’t spell it, is a island. It’s good to know if Brett and I want to go there in the future. Glad you had a good visit. wish she could of stayed longer.

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