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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…

Superhero Silas! Although Stephen has been told that he looks like Superman (aka Clark Kent), the superhero featured here is Silas Clark (who turns 5 months today). Silas’s superpower is making things moist. It’s incredible the way he can dampen anything within his reach. He’s doing his part to irrigate the desert. 

His other adorable secondary powers include:

  • eating oatmeal from a spoon
  • starting to hold himself up
  • focusing on people from across the room
  • chewing his feet
  • squealing
  • spitting as a form of communication
  • rolling from his back to his side
  • rolling from his tummy to his back
  • opening his mouth when he sees a bottle coming
  • sleeping in his crib
  • rubbing his eyes when tired
  • giggling
  • holding toys (and moistening them!)

Often Stephen or I will catch Silas staring at us from across the room. When we finally do look at him, he beams from ear to ear. Now I know what the cliché “I feel like a million bucks” means. Superhero Silas makes us feel just that way!

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