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Silas Makes a Fashion Statement

Happy April Fool’s!

What kind of mother does this to her poor, helpless, unsuspecting child? It was actually challenging to find clothes that clashed since most baby boy clothing is red, white, and blue.

Watch out for those pranksters today!

4 thoughts on “Silas Makes a Fashion Statement

  1. What kind of mother dresses her son in that outfit? Didn’t your mother teach you better than that? haha!! Well,Silis would look cute even in a paper sack. love the pictures though.besides baby pictures are cute anyway.

  2. He apparently liked it by the looks of those smiles! Every mama is entitled to embarrass their children at least once in a while! It makes up for the times they embarrass us! (i.e. dresses over the head and showin’ off the panties at church! LOL)

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