Little Cousin

John & his sister Chris

John–he’s only 8. Yet, he has been in ICU and on a ventilator since this past Sunday. With a terrible combination of pneumonia and influenza B on top of his mild asthma, John wasn’t expected to make it through Sunday. Thankfully, God mercifully intervened, and John turned the corner early Monday morning. This week has been a roller coaster ride for John and the entire family.

Aunt Debby, Mom, Aunt Shawn

My Aunt Shawn, John’s mom, is a pediatrician, who has treated thousands of sick kids. It’s totally different, though, when it’s her own child who is suffering–especially with such a serious illness. My information concerning John comes through texts, phone calls, and Facebook updates, so I know I don’t have the whole picture, but our prayers and love have been with the Karenbauer family this week.

God is good. We see His guiding hand in allowing my Aunt Debby and Uncle Calvin to have already scheduled time away from the farm, which enabled them to make an emergency trip to Kentucky. They’ve been able to care for Tore, Mark, and Chris (John’s older siblings who have all come down with influenza B or some other form of the flu). They’ve also been able to update the extended family and relieve some of the pressure from Aunt Shawn and Uncle Les.

Uncle Les

We see God’s hand in allowing John to improve and avoid some dangerous treatments. We see God’s providence in providing a doctor friend of Aunt Shawn’s to review John’s case. It has blessed my heart to see Tore’s and Aunt Shawn’s status updates that communicate their trust in God and dependence on Him.

be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. -romans 12:12

~Tore’s FB status 2/17/2011

…Please continue to pray. God’s ways are not my ways, and though I don’t understand, God’s ways are better.
~Aunt Shawn’s FB status 2/14/2011

I look at Silas and wonder how Aunt Shawn and Uncle Les can bear to see their son so sick. John–he’s only 8.

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