Handmade Valentines

Classic. Timeless. Charlie Brown. Decorated shoe boxes. Elementary school.

When I think of handmade valentines, these words and images come to mind in a warm, fuzzy, pink sort of way. This year I’ve developed a new belief: “Valentines are best handmade.” I know you could probably say the same thing for almost any holiday card, but for some reason, I think valentines are in a class of their own. Of course, I’m not suggesting you hand-craft 32 cards for your child’s classmates every year. But, there’s definitely something timeless about cutting out red paper hearts, writing your own cheesy poetry, gluing on heart-shaped doilies, and decorating envelopes. It reminds me of Charlie Brown and the Little Red-haired Girl. I loved reading Charlie Brown comic books as a kid, so maybe that’s why I’m now in love with valentines made by hand. The texture of construction paper and wax crayons are a perfect couple.  This year, I made valentines using cardstock, computer paper, markers, and glue (with a few stickers thrown in). The cards don’t have to look perfect (it’s better if they don’t). Give them your own flair–complete with your unique handwriting. Then send it in the good ol’ fashioned snail mail inside an envelope covered in hand-drawn hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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