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Beginning Parenthood

Each day we marvel at the gift God has given us in Silas. The miracle of birth is a beautiful manifestation of God’s goodness to us. While we long to be perfect parents, we know that is an impossibility. Still, as Stephen told me the other night, we desire to parent Silas as God parents us. God is not frustrated by our neediness. God freely gives good things to His children. God always meets our needs. God is not calloused to our cries. Meditating on God’s example of Fatherhood has helped me to love and tenderly care for Silas through the difficult middle of the night crying spells. When I am tempted to be frustrated, God’s love for me corrects my perspective. We love our little boy!

Today Silas Clark is 1 week old. I still have my calendar set to November 2nd–the day my life changed in so many wonderful ways. Tomorrow Silas will meet his grandma for the first time!

2 thoughts on “Beginning Parenthood

  1. SO CUTE!!!

    And who says you need me to take his photos?? You’re doing a spectacular job 🙂

    I know you are so excited for your mom to be arriving. I know you will all treasure every moment she is there.

  2. This is beautiful, Elisabeth! What a precious picture to have both in the Scripture and in your mind. You are blessed to know this starting out with your first child, because you will have so much more time to enjoy the cuddles, the bond of physical touch!

    Nov. 2 was the due date for our Eden last year. 🙂

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