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Silas Clark Moody’s 0th Birthday

Proudly announcing the arrival of our son, Silas Clark, on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at11:36am. He weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and was 19 inches tall. God is so good and merciful, and Stephen and I are so thankful.

My last day as a pregnant lady. This was right after we found out we were going to be induced. We rushed home to gather our belongings. We’re still in shock in this pic.

Checking in at the hospital…

Getting situated in the labor and delivery room. Can you tell I’d never been in a hospital bed before? The nurse had to tell me that the bed can sit up and recline.

One of our first family  photos. I love the look of sheer joy and pride on Stephen’s face!

Proud Daddy–even Silas can tell that!

Silas Clark with wavy golden blond hair. The wave has since left, and his hair is a shade or two darker. We’ll see how it turns out.

Mommy loves her boy.

Silas now shares a birthday with his Uncle Ben, Stephen’s youngest brother. Ben turned 16 on the 2nd, and they celebrated Silas’s birthday too!

Daddy’s a natural…

We are ecstatic about getting to know Silas Clark. God was gracious through every step of the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum process. Stay tuned for further cuteness updates!

2 thoughts on “Silas Clark Moody’s 0th Birthday

  1. Rejoicing with you! Baby boys are wonderful!

    (Btw, not a weirdo stalker. . . saw you comment on Keren’s blog and clicked over and just HAD to say congrats!)

  2. Thank you! We are thrilled to begin our parenting journey. Looks like you know something about boys with 4 of your own.:)

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