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Stephen and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first baby on November 6th!! God is so good to bless us with this treasure. It’s still hard to believe that a brand new life is growing within me. I am 12 weeks along, and Baby has a strong heartbeat. During our last doctor visit, Stephen and I got to see our little peanut. Baby now has tiny arms and legs and is about 2 inches long. Of course we won’t know the gender until about 18 weeks, but we’re definitely hoping for a boy.

Near the beginning of March, I went to the doctor for a free pregnancy test, and it came back positive! I stopped at Target on my way home and bought a boy’s newborn outfit  that said Tough Like Daddy, to help me announce the news to Stephen. I pulled out the baby outfit and announced that I was due in November. Stephen just had a look of disbelief that quickly changed to joy.

We’ve been waiting for the 12 week mark before we announced our good news to everyone. Both of our parents received packages from us today with the instructions that they weren’t to open them until they called us. I think they all suspected what was up. My parents opened their present and screamed when they saw the T-shirts that said Grandma to Be and Grandpa est. 2010. We did a video chat with Stephen’s parents and watched them open their coffee mugs that said Grandma to Be and Great Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa. The Moodys were excited, but more subdued because I think they were just stunned. Stephen’s dad said it was so surreal, and Ben and Tim began a whirlwind of text messages to everyone at school and church.

Our parents need to decide what grandparent names they would like since this will be the first grandbaby on both sides!

We spent the next couple of hours calling all our siblings, our extended family and friends, and updating Facebook. Tomorrow we’ll have the awesome experience of telling my Pop-pop that he is going to be a Great Pop-pop! I can’t wait!

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