Giving a Heart Attack

Stephen finally agreed to let me fork somebody’s yard for Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been wanting to do this for years! We thought Pastor Ryan and Jen could use some Valentine elves to decorate their yard, so I made lots of paper hearts to attach to the fork handles. Target had some cute little gifts in their dollar section. We picked out something for each of them and left the gifts on their doorstep. Of course, we weren’t going to pull the prank anonymously (because it’s a nice prank), so here’s the sign for the front door.

We thought we’d go to their house around 11pm, but didn’t actually make it there until quarter til midnight. I was so excited, as you can see. 🙂Pastor Ryan had emailed Stephen around 10:30 so we were hoping he’d be in bed by then. We parked the car around the corner, so we could sneak up to the house. Stephen was a good sport to help stick the forks all over the yard even though he wasn’t feeling well.

The Horkavys loved it! They were so surprised. It made my day! Valentine’s Day is great for letting those in your life know how much you care.

4 thoughts on “Giving a Heart Attack

  1. I wish I could take credit for the idea. When I lived in St. George, UT, my roommate and I threw a valentine’s party for the girls in our classes. Together we girls gave “heart attacks” to the high school guys. Then we went to Denny’s at midnight for dessert. It was a blast! I’ve been wanting a repeat performance ever since.

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