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Blue Valentines

Hhhmm…what to get my valentine for sweethearts’ day? This year I thought I’d surprise him with a Colts jersey. I didn’t make up my mind to get it until Wednesday night, so I ordered it online early Thursday morning before I left for work. Without paying extra for speedy shipping, Up North Jersey got my jersey to our little condo by Saturday’s mail! I was so impressed! I gave it to Stephen right away so he could wear it for the Super Bowl. He loves it, and so do I.To celebrate the Colts playing in the Super Bowl, we attempted to make our own blue popcorn. Stephen popped the corn on the stove, and then I made the glaze. The recipe called for corn syrup, butter, brown sugar, and gelatin. I think the brown sugar made the glaze turn out a teal color instead of the Colts blue we were hoping for. We took it to the Super Bowl party anyway. What fun!

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