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A Merry Little Christmas

My mom told me once that the week after Christmas was for visiting friends and seeing what they got for Christmas. Then those friends would visit you, munch leftover Christmas goodies, and see all your presents which were displayed under the tree.

I spread out our presents under our little tree, but none of my friends came to visit! Maybe I should have invited them?

In case you’re like me and want to see what we opened on Christmas day, here’s the loot.
Lovely monogrammed candle holder from Aunt Debby and family along with the soundtrack from Emma from the Moodys. Emma must be good since Stephen was whistling along with it as I typed this post.

Mom and Dad also sent these textbooks for Microsoft certification prep.

Yes, Stephen really did ask for the DVD Up. We saw this movie in the park last month, and the talking dog was just too much for him! Mom and Dad Moody gave me a metronome for my much needed piano practice. And now we can play “Up the River, Down the River” with our rook cards. The newest Steve Pettit CD So High the Price includes one of our favorite new songs See, What a Morning which celebrates Christ’s resurrection.

The rifle case from the Taylors was a perfect fit for Stephen’s SKS.

Can you guess which books are mine and which is Stephen’s? I read Girl Talk with my Anderson Book Club and loved it! I can’t wait to someday share it with my daughter.

David and Tammy mailed us this oh-so-elegant candle holder and pillar candle. Thanks guys!

These darling earrings from Aunt Debby go perfectly with this sweet little black dress I bought with Christmas money from my family.

I’m in love with these red ballet flats. They just came in the mail today–only 2 days after I ordered them with money from Ruth Anna. You have impeccable taste, RA!

One of my favorite gifts is this children’s book. Although we don’t yet have little Moodys running around the house, I knew I wanted this book! It tells the story of a prideful moon bragging on himself.

He soon realizes that he merely reflects the sun’s light. What a great lesson for kids that all we have and all we are comes from God’s Son. The illustrations in the book are charming!

I had to include this little guy. Some days I feel just like an annoyed moose!

We called both of our families Christmas morning, but it wasn’t at all like being with them. We love and miss you guys!

2 thoughts on “A Merry Little Christmas

  1. Stephen & Elisabeth – enjoyed your Christmas update. I’m very thankful for the example you are setting, seeking to exalt Christ through your lives. Your first Christmas away from home is no fun, but someday Buckeye will really seem like home!

  2. Pastor Tim,
    Thanks for your note of encouragement. Obviously it was hard to be away from family, but our church family has been a real blessing. It’s also nice to hear from others who we know are keeping up with us online and showing an interest in our lives.
    Hope that things are going well there in Menifee. We enjoy reading your updates and are praying for you.

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