Prayers for Pop-pop

pop-pop's paper2Pop-pop is the perfect grandfather. Not only has he worked hard all his life providing for his family, but he has also remained faithful in his love for the Lord. His predictable patience is a constant for those around him. His unassuming nature coupled with country charm enhance his unconditional love for his grandchildren. I wish I could see him more often.

Pop-pop & his kids2He raised four kids and has survived colon cancer more than once. Recently he was hospitalized for gall bladder problems, pancreatitis, and a closed bile duct. He had a stint put in to allow the bile to flow correctly, but the doctors are unsure what the source of the problem is. birthday boy2Now he is at home awaiting further testing at the University of Maryland hospital on November 16th. Please pray for him as he is nauseous and is losing weight. Pray that the doctors would correctly diagnose the problem and that it would not be cancer.

I love you, Pop-pop!


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  1. Hey–They were able to move Poppop’s test up to this Tuesday, the 10th. He came to mom/allison’s birthday lunch today and looked much better than last time I had seen him. He ate pretty well too!

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