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Money Miracles

duststormDay 51 in the desert. The literal desert, the economic desert, and the unemployment desert, but thankfully, not the spiritual desert.

While God has allowed us to be unemployed for longer than we hoped, He has graciously been teaching us to live one day at a time, trusting Him for each step. It’s a new lifestyle for us to not know what a week may hold. Our job interviews come and go, outings with friends pop up here and there, and not much scheduling is done ahead of time. Most of all, we’ve had to cling to truths we know about God in uncertain circumstances. What a great lifestyle! I sincerely hope we will make this faith living a way of life.

This week God has chosen to use my relatives to provide financially for us in unexpected and profound ways. Two miracles in four days! On Sunday one relative told me he would like to set up a fund for us from which we can pay our utilities each month. On Wednesday, after reviewing our finances with Harry Dodd from Aaron & Hur Ministries, we received a one thousand dollar check in the mail from some other sweet relatives of mine! We were in shock. We cried and prayed together praising the Lord for His goodness.

desertmoodysGod didn’t have to provide funds for us. He could ask us to use every bit of our savings before giving us a job. However, He loves His children and desires to give them good things. Why do I place human limitations on God?

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