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Now We Are Grand Canyons?

If WV is the Mountain State, and people from WV are called Mountaineers, and if Indiana is the Hoosier State, and people from Indiana are called Hoosiers, does that make us Grand Canyons since Arizona is the Grand Canyon State? Cool! I’ve always wanted to be as big as the Grand Canyon! 🙂
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Actually, I believe we are called “Arizonans,” and more specifically “Phoenicians” since we are from Phoenix. The Phoenician name makes me feel like a character out of a World History textbook.
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Maybe since we technically live in Peoria, we are Peorians? Oh well, whatever you call us, we are now officially from Arizona as we switched our drivers licenses to AZ on Thursday. We sat in the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD-not the usual DMV, just to spice things up a bit) for about 45 before our number was called. After the paperwork was filled out, our mug shots taken, and a little more waiting we walked out with the Grand Canyon on our licenses.

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