So, I thought I loved roller coasters…

ICA started offering incentive trips each quarter as rewards for students who worked hard to raise their GPAs and earn very few demerits. For the 4th quarter, the incentive was a trip to Six Flags KY Kingdom in Louisville, KY. Well, I have been wanting to go to an amusement park for a long while now, so I was excited when I got to go as a sponsor!! It was a very hot, humid day, but clear and beautiful. We warmed up with the bumper cars and then moved on to “Greezed Lightnin'” which was a short loop ride. It was incredible. However, things went downhill from there! I rode a coaster where we had to stand up, but were supported by a saddle-type seat. I also rode, for the first time, a floor-less coaster where your feet dangle free. And, to top off the coaster experience, we rode one of the old wooden roller coasters. Wow! As Stephen kept repeating, “Woodies are their own special kind of terror.” My head was jerked and jostled so much I got motion-sickness. Not fun! I think it must be a sign of old age or something. 🙂 I did have a great time with the students, but the rides themselves were disappointing. I think I’ve been cured of my amusement park desire…at least for a little while.

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