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Happy Father’s Day! Happy Anniversary!

My parents have been married for 29 years as of today!

Since they are holding church revival meetings in Elkhart, IN this week, we drove up yesterday to pop in on them. It was great to participate in special music with them. I think the last time my sisters and I sang a special number together in church was at my wedding. I really enjoyed getting to play my flute with Charis and Ruth Anna as well.

Charis recently graduated from BJU with a degree in creative writing. Her minor was German. She has recently been offered a German teaching position in a small Christian school in northern Indiana. I really hope she is hired so she’ll only be about 2 hours away from us!!

Stephen proudly displays his first Father’s Day gift. No, no news to report there. The pastor just gave him a keepsake pen in expectation of him being a father one day. 🙂

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