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Snowbound on Valentines’ Day

This morning we woke up to about 12 inches of snow! Of course, yesterday the snow and wind were relentless. I have never seen snow drift like this before. I guess the hills of WV blocked the huge gusts of wind that flat-landers become accustomed to here in Indiana. Stephen shoveled a small path for us to get from our door out to the road. It was no small feat. Some of the drifts were up to our waists! I went out to take some pictures and was amazed at the drifts. Needless to say, we did not have school again today. The school doors were completely blocked by snow. Happy Valentines’ Day!

Here are some of the pictures I took to show you what it’s like around here.

1 thought on “Snowbound on Valentines’ Day

  1. Wow! That’s some snow!! We had the day off yesterday for…rain!! Actually it was ice the night before, but by 10 a.m. the roads were clear. So it was a bonus free day. It’s good to know you’re both doing well!

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