Back from Thanksgiving

We arrived back in Anderson late Sunday night. It’s about a 7-hour drive from here, but we didn’t get on the road until after lunch.

Overall we had a really good time with the family in W.Va. It was good to see everyone again–it had been since the wedding that we’d seen them last. Elisabeth’s sisters were able to make it home from BJ for the weekend, so the whole family was together again, along with the girls’ college roomate, who lives too far away to make it home. Elisabeth and I thought it was a weird feeling to be together and married with her family, since every time before it’s been a lot different. 🙂

Getting back so late made Sunday a pretty late night, but we’ve made it through the week OK so far. This fall is just flying by–I guess because it’s been one of the busiest ones I can remember. Besides regular schoolwork and the experience of being a first year teacher, I’m heading up high school science fair for the spring, which requires quite a bit of time even at this stage, mostly getting the students on the right track with their projects. On the side I’m also involved in a major computer project for the school.

Well, we need to get to bed, so I’ll be signing off for now. I really am trying to do a better job of updating, so there will hopefully be more updates on our lives here before long.

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