Thanksgiving weekend

It’s been a busy week. This past weekend ICA hosted a basketball tournament to start the season, with Elisabeth and I working concessions on Saturday. This week was also the due date for mid-quarter progress reports, which kept us extra busy over the weekend.

Today we got out of school at 1 pm, so we’ll be loading up and heading to W.V. in the next hour or so. We’re looking forward to being back and spending some time with her family, since it will be the first we’ve seen of them since the wedding.

I’ll try to update on our trip soon after we get back. Have a great Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving weekend

  1. YEAH!! You updated! I had given up checking for updates 🙂 It was fun to see the wedding pictures. Do you care if I link to your blog from mine?

  2. That would be great! Sorry your comment got stuck in moderation. Looks like the email that was supposed to notify me got stuck in the spam filter.

    We’ll try to keep the blog more up-to-date. More pictures should be posted soon.

    Hope everything is going well. Elisabeth says Hi. 🙂

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