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Thesis is DONE!!!

Well, I just got back from dropping my thesis copies off at the University binder’s. After passing my defense last Friday, most of this week has been spent finishing the details required to get it published.

I spent most of the last two days making corrections and running around getting signatures. Fortunately the proofreading office was able to review my thesis right away and returned it to me with corrections only an hour later, so I was able to make corrections, get final signatures, pay binding fees, and get copies made before the end of the day. I took the copies to the binding shop first thing this morning, so I am now officially completely done. I have to wait about six weeks for the bound copies to be mailed to me, but in the meantime I’ve attached a PDF of the final version to the end of this post.

It feels really good to be done. I’m especially relieved that I was able to get all the details done before leaving (today is my last day), since I was dreading the possibility of having to work out the final details via correspondence after I move back to Indiana. I have a few more things to take care of here today, but tomorrow I’m loading the moving van and heading up north.

Thesis (PDF)

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