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Biometrics in Iraq

“This”: is interesting. I had no idea that we had a usable biometrics system that small yet, let alone that it was being used so actively in the field. Apparently they’re using the system to create a comprehensive biometric database to apprehend terrorists and (apparently) to prevent infiltration of the IAF(Iraqi Armed Forces).

Here’s another article from DefenseLINK that explains in more detail what’s actually going on and why: “‘Biometrics Helping Identify Foes in War on Terror'”:

It describes some fascinating new possibilities opening up to Coalition forces by melding advanced digital law enforcement tools to the modern asymmetrical battlefield:

bq. Down the road, biometrics could give U.S. forces capabilities now conceived of only in comic books and superhero films.

bq. Sitting at a dinner table, a servicemember could secretly snap photos of the other guests at the table, beam them to a distant database, and get a positive identification before getting to the dessert course. Flying over a riot scene, a helicopter could positively identify a known terrorist, and then swoop down to make an arrest.


UPDATE: Apparently the DoD has an “entire office”: devoted to biometrics.

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