new url

You may have noticed from the site that I purchased a domain name. I decided to go with “”: after all, which I registered through “”: Feel free to update your bookmarks (?) accordingly.

I found out that I also apparently “own” “”: which I registered through a free trial of MS OfficeLive’s Beta I had forgotten about after foolishly signing up a while back. Since it’s still registered through microsoft, domain transfer is locked and presumably I can’t get control of it until after the registration expires next February.

Corresponding with the new domain name I’m now using DNS/DDNS services from “ZoneEdit”: which is a free provider (assuming you’re not managing more than 5 domain names and not using a lot of bandwidth). I’ve found their interface to be very user friendly so far, and the documentation is comprehensive. It also has the best feature set of any of the free services I could find. I guess the real test will be what I think of it after a few months.

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