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Making plans

Some of our moving plans are starting to come together.  image096We’ve decided we will be loading the moving truck on Monday, September 7th (Labor Day), when hopefully we’ll be able to get some help with the work.  We should be able to leave the following morning, and then spend 3 days or so driving out to Phoenix, which should put us out there by the end of the day Thursday.image095

We are still hoping to hear back regarding a job opportunity before we move, but if not we think the physical proximity once we’re in the area should help.  We also now have a place to stay for a week or two when we first arrive in Phoenix, but we’re still looking for a place to live for the first couple of months, ideally in the West Valley.  We have quite a few feelers out, so we’re hoping something will come along soon.

Please keep us in your prayers.  It’s exciting, but as it gets closer (and more “real”, so to speak) it also gets a bit more intimidating in many ways.

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