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Back Home in Anderson

The last stop on our survey trip was in Menifee, CA from Friday afternoon through Sunday night.  Eric and Alicia True generously opened up their home to us for the weekend, and we truly enjoyed getting to know them and their two boys better through conversation, tours of the area, and even a little bit of Wii.west 253

On Sunday we got to attend Grace Bible Church in Menifee.  We loved the vibrant worship service and Gospel-centered preaching, and enjoyed getting to meet many of their people.  In the evening the church met to canvas several nearby neighborhoods, so we got to help pass out literature for one of their upcoming events.west 256

We arrived home in Anderson about 12:30 yesterday (Monday) afternoon.  In many ways, the last leg of travel, from L.A. back to Indiana, was the most exhausting.  First, we nearly missed our flight at LAX—the baggage check desk was absolutely swamped, and if one of the workers hadn’t expedited us to the front of the line, we would have been waiting for at least another hour.  After that, we had another 9 hours of traveling before arriving home, so we slept pretty much the rest of the day.

We have so much to be thankful for from our trip.  All of the families we stayed with and visited were incredibly hospitable and helpful, and we’re excited to see what the Lord is doing with planting churches in the Southwest.  Please pray for wisdom as we seek the Lord’s will for which ministry He would have us with.

2 thoughts on “Back Home in Anderson

  1. As I drove away from the airport, I saw that line and my heart sunk. I’m sorry I did not get you there sooner!

  2. No need to apologize. It was basically just Delta/Northwest that was the problem. We were amazed it was that busy so late at night. The Lord was looking out for us and got us moved ahead in line. The rest of the airport was smooth sailing, fortunately. 🙂

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