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A Quiet Thanksgiving

Every year we write things we’re thankful for on artificial autumn leaves and hang them from the mantle. This year “Thatcher” or “Thatcher’s kisses, hugs, cuteness, etc.” showed up a lot on our leaves. Baby boy is just too adorable for his own good.

Some other thankful leaves I liked from this year are McIntosh apples, peace, living in Oregon, being made in God’s image, God’s forgiveness, tree house, sleeping, and the moon.

A friend from church invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner. We split the cooking which made for an easy day in the kitchen. I brined the turkey and roasted it in an oven bag. I think this might be my preferred method out of all that we’ve done (deep frying, injecting with seasonings, turning the bird onto all four sides during the roasting, spatchcocking) since I could stick it in the oven and forget about it. The meat came out flavorful and moist–just perfect.

After dinner the kids made dessert turkeys from rice krispie treats, oreos and candy corn.

Since the kids were off school the Monday following Thanksgiving, Stephen took off work, and we made it a zoo day. We practically had the zoo to ourselves. The animals were fairly active and visible too. We watched the sea lions dive, the elephants perform tricks, the lions nap, and the cheetahs pace around their habitat.

There’s so much to be thankful for–tangible and intangible things. I thank God for my family, God’s faithful promises that find their “yes” in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20), the Holy Spirit’s work in my heart, the community He’s placed us in, and all the material things that are just bonus to what really matters.

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  1. Baby giggles are the best!! I’ll have to investigate the roasting bag for turkey, Aunt Shawn uses that method as well!

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