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Back to School 2019-2020

This year was different. Instead of shopping for school supplies, the teachers requested a donation and bought the supplies themselves. (Hooray!)

Instead of attending the Back to School picnic, we were out of town for the wedding.

Instead of being together, we left Brynn with her grandparents for her very own Indiana Adventure.

It was a shock to our system to fly back home and then walk the boys to school the next morning. But, the walk to school is one of my favorites. We reconnect with neighbors and friends, high five Mr. Lang, the principal, greet teachers, and take pictures.

Cooper has Mrs. Peterson for 1st grade. She’s new to Bethany, so it’ll be fun to get to know her. Cooper’s got a couple buddies in his class, so I’m hoping for a great year of growing friendships and learning to read better.

Silas has Mrs. Kester for 3rd grade and is in the big kids’ wing of the school. How are we halfway through elementary already? Several friends from Silas’ sports teams are in class with him, so he should have lots of fun.

After school at the end of the first week, we drove to the local mall for our traditional photo booth pictures. Love doing these every year!

The boys each picked out a few lego pieces they wanted at the Bricks and Minifigs store, and then we celebrated with a little FroYo.

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