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The First Few Weeks

“I forgot about Baby Thatcher!” We’ve heard that a couple of times when the kids come inside from playing in the yard. They’ll run over and kiss his little face.

Cooper loves to tell Thatch, “You’re so adorable!”

The first morning Thatcher was home with us, all the kids piled in our bed and took turns holding him. When Coop held Thatch up on his shoulder, he said, “I feel like he’s my kid.”

big sister

Silas thinks nibbling baby toes is fascinating, and he wants to make a onesie for Thatcher that says, “Too cute to be true!”

We’ve been soaking up baby snuggles, smells, kisses, and nibbles as much as we can. Because we told the kids that babies need love to survive, Cooper kissed Thatcher all over his sweet baby cheeks and then proudly announced, “Now you’re going to live!”

my 3 sons

God has given us so many friends and neighbors that have blessed us during this time. Between baby showers, meals brought to our home, babysitting the older three, long talks, check-in texts, gifts, and housework our hearts are filled with thankfulness.

1st bath at home
1st car ride with all four kids
5 Day check at the pediatrician’s

Because I contracted strep throat that first postpartum week (miserable!), baby and I missed out on the 4th of July party in the park. Stephen took the other three and they loved it as always. Silas came in second in the watermelon eating contest, and Brynn got her face painted as a cat.

Thatcher and I did get to watch our fireworks in the cul-de-sac, and the bangs and pops didn’t seem to bother him much.

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays now that we celebrate with our neighbors, fostering that sense of Americana I’ve always longed for in a community. Ending the day with my kids’ utter delight in setting off their own fireworks in the dusk outside of our home makes my mama heart sing!

4 thoughts on “The First Few Weeks

  1. Those question marks were where I had a heart emoji, I’m not questioning your precious photos {insert the cry laugh emoji here} lol

  2. LOL! I know you better than that. 🙂
    Brynn’s shirt is actually mine from a Manka family cruise on a Countess ship when I was 3. Our shirts had our names on the back, so that shirt says “Betsy.” Mom never let me wear it for fear a stranger might call me by name and kidnap me. It’s now getting worn for the first time. Haha!

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