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Out for the Summer

I was a little sad to see school end this year.

We’ve absolutely LOVED both of the kids’ teachers! Mrs. Nelson is the magic fairy of kindergarten teachers with her love, patience, and wonder at the small humans she’s teaching.

Mr. Kelley’s fun personality and zest for learning were contagious for Silas this year. Seeing Silas blossom this year has made our hearts burst! Mr. Kelley said that out of all his many years of teaching, this class was his favorite–and it really showed with all the joy and energy he brought to the classroom.

During the springtime, the school puts on a jog-a-thon fundraiser to raise money for special projects/programs around the school. Each class is assigned a color to wear, and the students and teachers jog laps around the track. Stephen had the day off since I was gone to a women’s conference, so he and Brynn cheered on the boys. Brynn was their biggest fan. She wore both of the boys’ class colors and jogged around the track with each of them.

For the boys’ “graduation presents” {as Silas calls them}, we gave Cooper his own military watch. He’s been fascinated with telling the time.

Silas received the Verizon Gizmo watch that allows him to call 10 {and only those 10} pre-programmed numbers. The watch also has a GPS tracker so we can see where he is. Helpful for an oldest son that’s growing in privileges and responsibilities.

Here’s to Summer 2019–summer of Baby #4!

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  1. I’m so glad they each had a great year at school! How lucky they are to have the cutest little cheerleader accompany them on their jog-a-thon 🙂

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