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A Golden Birthday

Brynn Kathryn turned 4 on the 4th. This little ray of sunshine continues to light up our hearts.

She’s spunky. She’s smart and creative. There’s nothing she won’t try, especially since she has to keep up with her brothers. I love the songs she composes and her dancing performances.

Brynn is forever telling Stephen and me that she loves us. In fact, if we don’t say, “I love you,” in return, she’ll yell back, “I love you too!” as a reminder.

For this 4th birthday, she requested a princess theme and a visit to Pump It Up with some friends from church. We made the cake and cupcakes together, and celebrated with a family party on the 4th and a friend party on the 5th.

The only term of endearment Brynn will let us call her is “sweet pea.” The other day I thanked her for helping me, and she replied, “That’s what sweet peas do!” So, when we were looking at pink scooters for her birthday and saw the Sweet Pea model, we knew it was perfect!

Brynn had a blast on the bouncy houses at Pump It Up, and then we ate a picnic in the park with her best friends.

One of her favorite gifts is her play make-up. Can you tell? Such a grown up big sister!

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