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Easter at 30 Weeks

Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

Despite my failing energy, we had a full Easter celebration beginning with our Resurrection Eggs. The boys remembered most of the details of the Easter story, so we dove a little deeper. This was the first Easter season that Brynn really seemed to grasp Christ’s death and resurrection. We enjoyed learning Set Your Eyes by Jonathan and Emily Martin as our Easter song. This animation of the song is really powerful.

The kids were off school for parent/teacher conferences the Thursday and Friday prior, so that gave us a mini Easter break with time to dye eggs.

{Side note: the teacher conferences were such a joy that we took the kids out for frozen yogurt afterwards. Silas’ conference was student led, so he sat there and told us what he’s been learning, what he’d like to improve on, and what he’s been doing well at. We’re proud of them both!}

Our church’s Good Friday service sets the tone for the weekend as it gives us a chance to meditate on Christ’s death for us. Then, the Easter morning service is such a joyful celebration of His resurrection. Silas wanted to wear his seersucker suit {which he adorably called, “a gentleman’s suit”}, and he got lots of compliments.

The kids each got a new book Easter morning. After a ham and potatoes lunch, we concluded our holiday with a backyard egg hunt and lots of candy to go around!

2 thoughts on “Easter at 30 Weeks

  1. You have such a beautiful family <3 And that photo of Stephen and Silas at the frozen yogurt place is priceless! So glad you had a wonderful Easter. We did our Resurrection Eggs again this year and the kids remembered all of them!

  2. Silas has been wearing the MountAire hat from your dad everywhere these days. šŸ™‚

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