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PDX Christmas

This year we chose the Portland International Raceway’s Winter Wonderland as our light display to visit. Both Stephen and I regretted the decision after slowly winding our way around in the car line for over an hour before even entering the display area! But it was fun to see the joy on Brynn’s face when she stuck her little pixie face out the sunroof to see the lights.

The kids loved it since they could be unbuckled while we creeped along, and they got to eat candy canes in their jammies.

Before the end of school Stephen and Brynn visited Cooper for his classroom winter party. Stephen said Brynn fit right in and enjoyed being a kindergartener for an hour. I was able to go help with Silas’s party for the first time. I was surprised at how many parents came to volunteer!

The night before our Christmas morning, we took the kids to a Humble Beast concert at Trinity Church. Stephen and I  tucked away the precious picture of Silas singing along to the Beautiful Eulogy pieces.

Our friends, Steve and Debbie came over one Saturday morning for our  Christmas morning.


After hanging the final Jesse Tree ornament, the kids opened their stockings and then present-opening chaos ensued.

Each of the boys got a Colts hoodie (which they have been wearing incessantly ever since) and Brynn got her very own Minnie Mouse car.

After a Christmas brunch, we hung out and played with all the new things. That’s my favorite part. The calm after the excitement when everyone is occupied and absorbed in new discoveries.

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