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Connie Came

She’s one of those friends I tell all my other friends about. She’s a force of nature, and she’s made a difference in my life. Connie came to visit us early this month, and we picked up right where we left off.

Stephen and I first met Connie and her late husband, David, in Phoenix where we attended the same church plant. Connie and David were original charter members of our church, and they served with all their might. They befriended us and welcomed our babies–one by one–as they each were born.

Connie laughs as she tells the story of how I left Silas with her for the first time with typed out instructions–including his photo! I dropped him off, still buckled in his infant car seat. Connie had no idea how the buckles worked and couldn’t get him out for the longest time. Thankfully, Silas was a happy sleeper and patiently waited as Connie wrestled with those pesky straps.

After Cooper was born I spiraled into an abyss of anxiety, confusion, and mental chaos. Connie walked with me through the darkness. We began walking together every Tuesday morning at 5:30am. Not only did I need the exercise, but also I needed a friend to talk to. As we walked and cared for our bodies, we cared for our souls as sisters in Christ. She bore my burdens and I bore hers. It was a beautiful symbiotic relationship that was mutually edifying.

When scripture talks about inter-generational relationships within the church (think Titus 2), it can seem hard to imagine how that would work out in real life. In my friendship with Connie, it happened quite organically, naturally. We were already part of the same small church family that truly supported one another as family. So when a crisis arose, I let her in.

Being vulnerable with someone in my church was new for me, but I was desperate for hope! I gleaned so much from her wisdom and experience. She gently (but firmly) prodded me towards truth and trust in God. When I was nervous to see my doctor about my life-dominating anxiety, she listened to my fears and gave me courage. She mothered me.

And that’s Titus 2 in real life.

There’s so much more I could say. How we began training for a 5K, and then I discovered I was pregnant with Brynn, but we ran/walked the 5K anyway. How David and Connie babysat the boys, and then Brynn too. How sweet the friendship between the boys and David was to watch. How hard it was to say goodbye to them in Arizona. How we miss David.

And how thankful we are that Connie came to visit.

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