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Three Words

Over a year ago I picked three words to define and guide my new season of life in Oregon–health, small, and revel.

I wrote about my words small and revel in a previous post. While I never did get around to writing about health, let me just say that I’ve been working out weekly in the gym with a friend and exercising at home. Over the last several months I saw a physical therapist for various issues. Also, I accomplished running a mile for the first time in my life and continue to run a mile frequently with the goal of increasing my stamina. Stephen and I are currently on the Slow Carb Diet for the second time {see more about the diet here}. We had good results from it before. I learned a lot about eating healthily, and it contributed to some good–albeit small–changes to my eating habits.

I’ve felt ready to move on from health, small, and revel {though they are still worthy goals}. And I’ve chosen three new words that encapsulate what I think God has for me now.


I’m a fearful person. I have the urge to hide and cower in fear. I don’t like to do hard things or new things. I don’t like to even attempt them because I might fail. My “can-do attitude” muscle is atrophied, and my anxiety and apprehension can {and often do} get the best of me. But, when I’ve tried new things–and failed, learned, then tried again–the success of learning a new skill or becoming a more capable human adult has been gratifying.

I’m currently reading What’s Best Next?–a book about productivity from a gospel-centered focus. I highly recommend it. When discussing life goals and ambition, the author says, “As with everything, so with mistakes: make excellent mistakes. Make mistakes of forward motion, not mistakes of sloth. Try things, be bold, and see what happens.”

Okay, this song is from a kids’ movie, but Try Everything from Zootopia characterizes how I’m pressing forward into doing brave things. 

The other day Cooper inadvertently taught me a poignant lesson. He and Brynn were playing an imaginary game, and Brynn kept saying, “Hide. Hide!” Cooper told her, “No, Brynn. Power Rangers don’t hide. They fight!” You got it, little man. God has blessed each one of us with gifts. We don’t hide our gifts in the ground because we’re fearful, like the unprofitable servant in the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. We take risks and do courageous things for Christ, and actually use those gifts He’s entrusted to us.


Though this idea is similar to brave, I chose strong because this is how I want to be brave. I sometimes do brave things in a timid way. Confidence doesn’t come naturally to me, so this is another muscle I want to exercise. I’m learning that confidence and graciousness are not mutually exclusive, but instead they create a beautiful harmony.

Emotional strength, physical strength, mental strength, and spiritual strength.


And finally, secure because my security is in Christ. I want to live in the reality of this truth. My identity is not in what others think of me, my motherhood, the number of friends I have, my appearance, or my accomplishments. The list can go on and on, but none of these things can grant lasting and true security. When I do hard things–when I’m brave and strong and step out in faith to do what God might be calling me to do–I can rest in knowing that I’m secure in Christ. I might be misunderstood, or rejected, or applauded, or embraced. I pray that I will be centered on Christ so none of those things shake me.

This is a great hope! The gospel frees me from despair on the one hand and from pride on the other. I am secure in Christ.

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  1. I love hearing about your goals. It constantly amazes me how our small children can teach us such big things!

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