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A Little Bit o’ Brynn

Toddlers don’t translate well over the phone.

While Brynn LOVES to talk on the phone, it’s just hard to get to know her that way. She’s constantly asking, “I talk Grandma?” and would walk around all day with the phone to her ear if I let her. She ends up babbling incoherently and then popping out a few recognizable words here and there as she tells Grandma what she’s seeing around the house. One of her best questions is, “What you doing?”

She thinks that as long as she can see Grandma’s picture on the screen of my phone, Grandma is there. But once the screen goes dark, uh-oh! Grandma is gone!

So, here’s a little video that better shows some of Brynn’s personality. She’s talking in complete sentences at times now, and loves to join in with whatever the boys are doing. She’s not afraid to fight ninja style, fly as a superhero, or dress up as a princess. Here she is playing in her room one night.

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