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Cuttin’ Down Our Christmas Tree

We made a memory and cut down our first Christmas tree this year.

Furrow Farm is a cute little family farm up the road that we visited Thanksgiving weekend. The day was cold and a little rainy, but it felt like winter, so that was a plus!

The kids were all bundled up, we pulled on our rain boots, Stephen borrowed some tools from the farm, and the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree began. At first we thought a Douglas fir would be nice, but the Nordmann firs caught my eye, and I knew I wanted one. The boys helped Stephen cut the tree.

Then it was baled and tied to the top of our van.

The bonfire kept us warm as we waited for the tractor and hay wagon to take us for a ride. The farm was adorable with its barns, old cottage farmhouse, cows, and haymow. They offered free hot chocolate and candy canes too. 

What a beautiful way to get a Christmas tree!

1 thought on “Cuttin’ Down Our Christmas Tree

  1. So fun!! Our Christmas Tree farm went out of business last year, so we don’t even have a tree yet! Hopefully we’ll get one this weekend. It looks like you all had fun. Don’t pictures of your babies just make your heart burst with joy??

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