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Birthday with Friends

Somehow Silas turned 7 this year. He’s such a fun kid with lots of interests and a big personality. He’s so very precious to us!

One thing Silas has been consistently known for is being a good friend. Ever since he was a baby, he’s been a people magnet. And his teacher this year again confirmed that when she told us that his classmates want to partner with him on school projects since he’s such a good friend. We’re thankful for his kindness to others and God’s grace at work in his heart.

The day before his party, his best friend from Arizona, Ben Horkavy, called. It was great to hear from Jen, Ben, and Elizabeth, and it was special for Silas to talk to his friend on the phone.

Instead of a big party, Silas invited two of his friends from school to play laser tag and arcade games at Superplay. Cooper, Brynn, and I even got in on the laser tag action!

Then we came home for presents, pizza, cake and ice cream.  Silas chose a Captain America themed birthday, so his cake was Captain America’s shield, and we threw ice cream bars into the mix.


Many of Silas’s presents were books–a German picture dictionary, The Mouse and the Motorcycle,

paint by sticker book (which is a pretty cool art medium, btw),

and The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith. Legos are always a hit with this kid, and he received three awesome new lego kits to assemble. Our two big gifts to him were a pocket knife and a tablet–both items that are growing Mommy and Daddy as parents as we seek to establish wise boundaries. 

We love celebrating this first baby of ours and watching him grow into a pretty great kid. Happy birthday, Silas!

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