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Back to School

Though I see those three words, “Back to School” all over the place, this is Silas’s first year going “back to school.” 1st grade already? This school year start has been a breeze! 

Fred Meyer (aka Kroger) is now my official go-to store for Back to School supplies. After searching two other stores, Silas and I found the twistable colored pencils and sharpened Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencils his teacher requested. This year Silas could read his school supply list, so he loved crossing off the items one by one. I was happily surprised that he still wanted to ride in the car cart on our shopping trip. He’s still little in so many ways, but often I can see only how much he’s grown.


We hit the local mall for our photo strip pics. This time we went for surprised, scared, confused, and happy.

Mom and Dad Moody were in town for Silas’s first day. Not only was it special to share that first walk to school with them, but they also saw firsthand how special Bethany Elementary is. Dad was impressed by all the parental involvement and the caring teachers. The sense of community is palpable at Bethany. 

So far we’re getting to know Silas’s brand new principal, his new teacher, and lots of new classmates. There are only two other kids in his class from last year!

A good routine is going to take time, but we’re slowly getting there. I’m thankful for the many connections we have already at school, and I hope those only deepen and broaden with time. Happy school year!

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