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Into the Wild of this Grace

At the magic hour, we celebrated God’s good gift of family with a photo shoot at Portland’s Laurelhurst Park. The golden light filtering through the stately old trees dappled the park in beauty.

Our photographer, Nick Varady-Szabo, helped us relax in front of the camera by asking us to sing silly songs with the kids and whisper secrets in their ears. He captured our family’s personality and some precious moments that we’ll treasure. 

Brynn wasn’t too sure about having her picture taken, but I’m glad we got these shots of each of the kids individually.

My favorite is this one of Cooper that shows his genuine childish delight. 

Nick caught some really great pics of us talking to the kids. I love this one of Brynn and me, but then when I saw Cooper just being Coop there in the middle, it cracked me up!

Coop and I really do have a special bond. He was my little suction cup for years, and now he gives a running commentary on his little four year old adventures.

Silas so wants to be a man like Daddy. There’s nothing sweeter than watching these two men work around the house together.

Nick suggested most of the shots, but some of them happened on their own in front of the camera. He also worked with us when there was a shot we wanted to do. Overall, the photo shoot went quickly, which was great for our three little peeps. And Nick was incredibly fast at editing the pictures and sending them to us. Check out his page if you’re looking for some great pictures! 

I even brought along some superhero capes for the kids since superheroes have been a big part of their childhood so far.

With the kids’ imagination and the lamp post in the backdrop, this next one reminds me a bit of Narnia. Too bad Wonder Woman is crying in the background!

This last picture is one of my absolute favorites from the shoot. These people are my tribe, and I love them fiercely!

3 thoughts on “Into the Wild of this Grace

  1. What fabulous photos! Captured a time in life, that Will quickly pass
    Previous memories ??

  2. Elisabaeth: The pictures are absolutely beautiful. The pic of Brynn with the dog is absolutely beautiful. What a beautiful family. Love you guys and sure wish that we lived closer!!!

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