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Daddy & His Man Crate

We kids gave Daddy our Father’s Day cards Sunday morning, and them ambushed him with a ninja kidnapping (or dad-napping). Dressed in our ninja costumes, we attacked him upstairs and brought him down to the family room to open his present.

Mommy found on the computer that has cool gifts for dads, and she bought the ramen connoisseur crate for Daddy. He loves specialty ramen, and this crate had all sorts of flavors and spices and some chopsticks. We thought our head ninja warrior would like it. Daddy loved prying open the wooden crate with the crowbar to show off his muscles for us. We can’t wait for him to make his new ramen recipes. Maybe he’ll share some with us.

We’re so thankful for our daddy. We love to play catch and tickle fights with him. He picks cherries with us off the tree in our backyard and takes us on adventures. Every night, he makes a snack for us. Sometimes it’s smoothies or creative “cakes” made from things in our pantry and fridge. Our favorite is Ritz crackers with a banana slice, chocolate syrup, and whipped topping.

Daddy also teaches us about God while we eat our special snacks. He sometimes reads the Bible or a lesson, or sings the New City Catechism songs with us and asks us the questions. A lot of nights we just sit and talk during snack. We love his bedtime stories too.

You’re the best, Daddy!


your little ninjas

1 thought on “Daddy & His Man Crate

  1. I intended to do one of those interviews like you did with Silas…of course it didn’t happen…I need to set a reminder in my calendar so I remember next year!

    The mancrate looks awesome, I’ll have to check out what they have. You may have solved my what-to-get-chuck-for-his-birthday for this year 🙂

    Love you!

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