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Go, Dodgers!

T-ball is the cutest. Silas had his first game a couple Saturdays ago, and we were so proud! We signed him up for Cedar Mill Little League so he could be on a team with his friends from school. The two head coaches are husbands of some friends of mine from Moms In Prayer.

Not having played baseball myself and not growing up with brothers, I had to read a bit online about bat sizes, batting helmets, and t-balls. Silas and I even watched a video about how to properly wear baseball pants. I was proud of us for learning the technique! The jersey was big on Silas, so we rolled up the sleeves and made sure the back of his shirt hung out enough so everyone could see his #3.

Silas’s team is the Dodgers, and he loves learning all about baseball. He showed me how “the pros” field grounders. Right now all the kids just run to the ball no matter what position they’re playing. When he was first baseman, Silas ran to grab the ball and left first base unguarded. Thankfully, there are lots of involved dads who help coach since practically every kids needs supervision.

The teams are divided in half so two games are happening on the field at the same time–one in the infield and one in the outfield. It helps with getting through the batting order faster and allowing the kids to play different positions each inning. When the last batter hits the ball, he becomes the “home run hitter” and every kid runs home. I love that there’s no pressure, but all the fun and a lot of learning. Now we just need some sunshine to dry out the fields.

Go, Dodgers!

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